Knecht, Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Naoto Hagiwara) announces that it has launched the service “Knecht Event” that collects all types of event information of all sizes, large and small in Japan, and can search all together.

In the Knecht event, we are doing various initiatives aiming at the ultimate event information site, and we are grasping the whole Internet (artistic official website, indies, blog etc.) by collecting our own technology.

How did you do when you were looking for event holding information such as live artists’ interests, concerts, festivals, seminars, exhibitions, etc. that you are interested in?

I checked the holding information on the major ticket sale site and may have searched the whole Internet with search engines if there was not enough information.

However, as many users know from experience, there are only a few event information registered in major ticket sales sites, and most other event information is scattered on artist official websites, blogs, etc. It is the present condition. Also, when searching using a search engine, it is difficult to select only event information from it, as SEO (Search Engine Optimized) spam sites and irrelevant blogs etc occupy results. For this reason, users almost overlooked information other than big events like those registered on major ticket sales sites.

The Knecht event is a service to improve the above convenience.

Event information that is registered in major sites listed below, event information of the entire Internet (artistic official website, indies, blog etc) is checked at any time to keep information of Knecht event up to date. It is also possible to manually register event information in the Knecht event.

Currently, the major sites that the Knecht event collects are the following four sites.

  • Yahoo! Region Information
  • Electronic Ticket PIA
  • Lawson ticket

From now on, we will enrich the major ticket sales sites targeted by this service and improve the accuracy of our own collection program, and we will offer a variety of choices by users.

Knecht event