Knecht, Inc., launched 'Knecht event' that collects event information of all kinds of large and small domestic and collects all at once

Knecht, Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Naoto Hagiwara) announces that it has launched the service “Knecht Event” that collects all types of event information of all sizes, large and small in Japan, and can search all together.

In the Knecht event, we are doing various initiatives aiming at the ultimate event information site, and we are grasping the whole Internet (artistic official website, indies, blog etc.) by collecting our own technology.

How did you do when you were looking for event holding information such as live artists’ interests, concerts, festivals, seminars, exhibitions, etc. that you are interested in?

I checked the holding information on the major ticket sale site and may have searched the whole Internet with search engines if there was not enough information.

However, as many users know from experience, there are only a few event information registered in major ticket sales sites, and most other event information is scattered on artist official websites, blogs, etc. It is the present condition. Also, when searching using a search engine, it is difficult to select only event information from it, as SEO (Search Engine Optimized) spam sites and irrelevant blogs etc occupy results. For this reason, users almost overlooked information other than big events like those registered on major ticket sales sites.

The Knecht event is a service to improve the above convenience.

Event information that is registered in major sites listed below, event information of the entire Internet (artistic official website, indies, blog etc) is checked at any time to keep information of Knecht event up to date. It is also possible to manually register event information in the Knecht event.

Currently, the major sites that the Knecht event collects are the following four sites.

  • Yahoo! Region Information
  • Electronic Ticket PIA
  • Lawson ticket

From now on, we will enrich the major ticket sales sites targeted by this service and improve the accuracy of our own collection program, and we will offer a variety of choices by users.

Knecht event

Library and Amazon cooperation mashup service 'Knezon', the number of grasping of collection status exceeded 50 million books

Knecht, Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda Ward representative in Tokyo, Naoto Hagiwara) has surveyed the library collection status of each library grasped by Knezon, a collaborative mashup service by Amazon’s library and Amazon, exceeded 50 million books I will announce that.

Knezon has various initiatives aiming at the ultimate mashup, one of which is a project linking the book search API provided by the Amazon Associate program and the library collection situation of the library, We are working on grasping the collection situation by collection program by original technology.

Knezon provides users with new means of obtaining books by mashing up the collection status collected here with book search engines.

sample: Search “Soseki” in “Tokyo Shinjuku Ward Library”

The conventional method of collaboration between the library by Knezon and Amazon was simply to redirect the books that the user is looking for to the library’s library collection page nearest to it. By strengthening this time, when users search for books with Knezon, the book status is also displayed in the basic information of the book (book title, author name, price, review etc), so the book is nearest to the library You will be able to tell if it is securely collected before visiting the library website.

Currently, the library which Knezon is collecting the collection status is the 262 libraries of the following 16 prefectures.

  • Tokyo 49 Library
  • Kanagawa prefecture 16 libraries
  • Saitama Prefecture 17 libraries
  • Yamanashi Prefecture 3 Library
  • Gifu Prefecture 24 libraries
  • Mie prefecture 42 library
  • Kyoto Prefecture 6 Library
  • Osaka prefecture 14 library
  • Hyogo prefecture 4 libraries
  • Okayama prefecture 31 library
  • Hiroshima Prefecture 11 libraries
  • Saga Prefecture 13 Library
  • Oita Prefecture 10 libraries
  • Wakayama Prefecture 15 Library
  • Kagoshima prefecture 4 libraries
  • Kumamoto Prefecture 3 Library

In the future, we will enhance the region of the library that this service will grasp, and we will provide abundant choices by users.


Knecht, Inc., business tie-up with Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. about information processing technology on hazard map

Knecht, Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Naoto Hagiwara) announced that the information processing technology of the service “Knecht Hazard Map” that automatically displays the company’s incident / accident information on Google Maps in a timely manner, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., We are announcing that it was adopted as a service []“life-saving crime prevention site”](

  1. Overview introduction of “Knecht hazard map” to Matsushita Electric Industrial’s website

Automatically collect and edit crime prevention e-mails sent from various places at crime prevention service “Life security site” operated by Internet service which is developed on Matsushita Electric Industrial Manufacturing / Plasma TV · LCD TV As a backbone tool to manage, the Knut hazard map function was introduced.

Kunehit will continue to support improving services and extending functions of “life-saving crime prevention site”. Through our partnership with Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., we are committed to contributing to the safe and secure living of many people.

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